Thomas J. Marzili, MD

Family Medicine Physician located in Marlton, NJ

Annual physicals protect the health of everyone in your family as they screen for early signs of chronic diseases and give you the opportunity to prevent health problems or catch them early on. Dr. Thomas J. Marzili in Marlton, New Jersey, promotes long-term wellness for his patients by providing comprehensive physicals that meet every need, whether it be a Medicare Wellness Exam, an Adult Physical, a well-child visit, a pre-employment physical, or a sports physical. To schedule your physical, call Dr. Marzili’s office in South Jersey or book an appointment online today.


Why are routine physicals important?

During a routine physical, Dr. Marzili focuses on assessing your health and preventing problems by screening for early signs of chronic disease in teens and adults. Dr. Marzili’s goal is to identify potential problems so they can be prevented or treated before the condition worsens.

Dr. Marzili also takes advantage of annual physicals to learn more about you and the unique health challenges you face. It gives you the opportunity to ask questions about anything on your mind, from your weight to concerns about smoking or your child’s behavior.

What services are provided during a physical?

After reviewing your medical history and checking your weight and vital signs, Dr. Marzili performs a thorough physical exam. He may order lab tests or specialized screening procedures, depending on your age and the results of your exam.

Your physical may include:

  • Skin cancer screening
  • Adult vaccinations (flu, shingles, pneumococcal vaccine)
  • Vision and hearing test
  • Weight-loss management
  • Mental health assessment

He also administers recommended immunizations, which are given following a specific schedule to ensure his patients build immunity to contagious diseases.

What other types of physicals are available?

Dr. Marzili frequently sees teens and young adults who need sports physicals. Although a sports physical is similar to an annual checkup, it has a different focus because the goal is to ensure your child can participate in sports without putting their health at risk.

During a sports physical, Dr. Marzili evaluates your child’s bones, muscles, and joints, looking for any signs of pain, injury, or weakness.

He also reviews your child’s medical history for injuries, surgeries, illnesses, and chronic health conditions that could be aggravated during sports activities.

Adults who need a pre-employment physical or any type of health evaluation for their job can count on Dr. Marzili to do perform the physical and complete the required paperwork.

When you or your child need a physical, call Dr. Thomas J. Marzili, MD, in Marlton, New Jersey, or book an appointment online.